Rely on Professional NDIS Plan Management to Enhance and Simplify Your Life

Citizens and visa holders living in Australia with a permanent disability and need daily assistance may be eligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded support. The scheme provides a tailored support plan and finances to pay for the necessary service providers.

However, you’ll be responsible for choosing and paying your providers and managing your budget. NDIS plan management options include doing it yourself through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) or preferably relying on professional NDIS plan management services. These NDIS registered providers can help save you time and administrative headaches by making accurate payments on your behalf and keeping track of your plan’s budget.

The Benefits of Relying on an NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination

NDIS plan management providers work with you, your support providers, and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), providing a link to ensure smooth financial management and the best outcomes. In addition, these experienced and skilled managers offer you and your loved ones peace of mind by providing relevant, objective, and independent services.

Qualified plan managers can assist you with successful plan management by:

  • Helping you select the most appropriate providers: Relying on professional plan managers allows you the same extent of decision-making as managing your plan yourself. As a result, you can feel comfortable that your manager will choose providers you’re familiar with and trust and provide appropriate and practical support for your requirements. In addition, unlike managing your plan through the NDIA, you can also select non-NDIS-registered providers to ensure you receive the right help from providers located in your community. Finally, your support plan management professional will ensure you only pay fees falling within the stipulated NDIS price guide limits to help avoid unwelcome surprises later.
  • Improving financial planning and budgeting: Keeping track of your NDIS spending is vital to ensure you don’t run out of necessary funds. In addition, structured and strategic NDIS financial plan management will keep you within plan limits via your Disability Plan Management 24-hour access online dashboard.
  • Increasing claim processing efficiency: Submitting and processing your claims under the NDIS and using their online myplace portal can be challenging and complex, or you may not be sure what is covered. Instead, your plan manager knows what’s included and how and where to file the paperwork. Thanks to your NDIS plan manager, claims submission and processing are simplified and often streamlined, with payments frequently received within days of invoice.
  • Cover and convenience: Your plan manager’s specific knowledge and experience will prove invaluable in adequately managing your plan and finances. In addition, funding for a plan manager can be included in your NDIS allocation, over and above your overall budget. So, there’ll be no unexpected additional management related financial invoicing or payments to concern you.

In addition, the NDIS encourages assisted and structured plan management to help empower participants to leverage their funding and its benefits to the fullest. In response, you can lean on the NDIS for help accessing an appropriate plan manager.

How to Access an NDIS Plan Management Provider?

Arranging your NDIS plan manager is straightforward:

  • Request plan management funding: To ask for help with your NDIS funding plan management, speak to the NDIS staff at your planning meeting. They will arrange to include the financing of a plan manager into your funding. You can also add a fund manager to your plan later by contacting the NDIS or asking to remove fund management from your plan.
  • Find a suitable plan manager: Reach out to your local Area Coordinator (LOC) or support coordinator, access the NDIS Provider Finder tool on the NDIS myplace portal, look online for websites or resources, or ask your friends and family for assistance. You have the right to choose your manager and change your manager at any stage; just let your plan manager know.
  • Decide with your manager on the services you need: A detailed service agreement between you and your plan manager will be set up, stating the services the manager will provide, how they’ll deliver the services, and how long, ensuring that everyone understands what’s expected. Please let your plan manager know if you’d like to change what you’ve agreed on. The services are to help you, and you are in charge.

Support Plan Management is a long-established, NDIS-registered plan management agency offering trusted advice, provider payment management and communication, NDIS budget spend tracking linked to a convenient mobile app, and NDIS administration and audit responses.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding NDIS Plan Management Services?

Our task is to help you understand your plan, your budget and how to allocate your funding effectively. In addition, we assist you in using online tools and resources to help you achieve increased independence. However, beyond striving to help streamline and optimise your plan and processes, we also offer:

  • Qualified and experienced plan managers: Our highly trained managers have extensive experience in plan management, having worked with the NDIS since its inception eight years ago. Being involved with NDIS plans and funding right from the start gives us an advantage.
  • Shared responsibility: While we have the relevant knowledge and skills to efficiently manage and administer your NDIS plan, we prefer to work with you, leaving final responsibility for managing your plan in your hands. As a result, we don’t make any decisions without your input and approval. We’ll assess your situation and needs before proceeding, ensuring you’re comfortable with our service delivery proposal and answering your NDIS management plan questions. You’ll check all invoices for accuracy before we pay. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can pay and then provide the monthly statement to you for your records and approval.
  • Free and ongoing plan management support: Should you have any concerns or don’t know where to start when receiving your plan, reach out to us. We’re just a call away, or you can complete our ‘Contact Us’ form or reach out on our live chat option. We listen and guide you through the process, refer you to ideal providers, and keep track of your spending and satisfaction to help you achieve your goals.
  • Faster processing and payments: Once you’ve approved invoices and we’ve submitted them, provider payments and reimbursements are usually completed and available within three days, assuming we don’t encounter any NDIS delays.

With our country-wide network of NDIS-registered and non-registered providers, choosing us will also increase the range, availability and quality of support available to you. In addition, through our accessibility and coaching, you’ll also learn how to self-manage your plan, increasing your convenience and quality of life and achieving greater independence.

More About Support Plan Management

Our passionate team of NDIS plan managers provide the support you can count on across various essential NDIS plan management provider services. In addition, our simple, easy-to-understand and efficient process is available for anyone with an NDIS support plan Australia-wide.

Our plain language, honest, and good old-fashioned client service excellence let you trust individualised and reliable plan management. So, let us help you make the most of your NDIS funding. Sign-up for our services today or get in touch with us for more information.

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