What is an NDIS Support Plan?

The NDIS can make living with a disability easier by paying for services like support work at home & the community, therapy, transport and help make adjustments to your home. An NDIS support plan outlines your needs and offers suggestions for assistance that could help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in daily life. At Support Plan Management, we can help you understand and manage your plan to get the most out of your NDIS funding.

What to Expect From Your NDIS Support Plan

Once you have applied and been approved for a plan with the NDIS, they will publish it on their online portal. Here’s what will be in your plan:

  • Information about you. The first section contains your personal information, including your name and address. You will find the details of your disability in this part of the plan and basic information about your daily activities and lifestyle. If you have a permanent carer, their information will be recorded here too.
  • Your community and groups. Your plan mentions any group activities you regularly attend that help support your independence. Information about your family and friends may also be included in this section if they usually help you with transport, shopping, or other daily tasks.
  • Your goals and funding. When you apply as a participant of the NDIS, you share some goals you’d like to achieve. Your plan will record these goals and the possible supports you could use to reach them. This section explains the funding available to you depending on your needs.

How We Can Help Manage Your NDIS Support Plan

Managing your plan by yourself can be stressful, and it may be helpful to work with an approved plan manager. Here’s how we can help you manage your NDIS individual support plan:

  • Handling the paperwork. There is often a lot of paperwork involved in setting up and running the plan. The NDIS may request statements and records of support, and a plan manager can make sure everything is submitted on time. We will also manage and file claims from your support providers.
  • Connecting with providers. Your plan manager can help you choose approved service providers, such as therapists, support workers and coordinators. We will go over your support plan together and explain how much you can spend on different supports according to your budget. We can also guide you towards reliable providers near you.
  • Taking care of funding. We can handle the financial side of your plan to make sure you stick to your budget. We’ll pay your providers on your behalf and help you keep track of your expenses. Working with a plan manager can help you learn how to manage your finances and gain confidence handling money matters.

We Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Support Plan

Support Plan Management is a trusted and reliable team of dedicated plan managers. We have managed countless NDIS support plans for over eight years, and we are committed to finding you the help you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Contact us to find out more.